Baggage handling in and around Paris

What is Alltheway ?

Alltheway is an Air France partner company offering a new service for you to check in and drop off your baggage before you reach the airport*. When? From 30 hours to 4 hours before the departure of your Air France flight. Where? At Alltheway baggage drop-off points in Paris hotels and convention centers (list available on the Alltheway website).

New: pick-up possible from your home in Paris or the Paris area.

How much does it cost? From 25 euros for check-in at a baggage drop-off point and 65 euros for home pick-ups. Alltheway will drop off your baggage directly at the airport check-in counter, so that all you have to do is collect it on arrival at your destination. * This service is available for departures from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to all destinations except Tel Aviv.

What services are offered by Alltheway?

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